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Bankruptcy Section Micigan FBA

The FBA Bankruptcy Section for Western Michigan is widely supported by the bankruptcy attorneys of Western Michigan.  We offer an annual three-day seminar each summer in Northern Michigan, which is heavily attended and attracts nationally recognized speakers.  We also host various social and educational events throughout the year.

Committees of the Bankruptcy Section assist the Court from time to time with issues such as revisions to the local rules.

The Bankruptcy Section also has an active pro bono program, providing indigent parties with assistance in the bankruptcy process.

The Bankruptcy Section is governed by a Steering Committee that meets regularly in Grand Rapids on the third Friday of every month.

There is a separate Debtor’s Bar Section that works in conjunction with the Bankruptcy Section. The Debtor’s Bar provides invaluable assistance to attorneys trying to master the many details associated with filing debtors’ bankruptcies under all chapters of the Bankruptcy Code.